As an athlete you do everything your coach says, right? Eat well, sleep as much as you can, practice and train to perform at your very best for the biggest meets of the season. You wear a competition suit to reduce drag and may even shave body hair just to cut a hundredth of a second. Yet one thing has been missing from the list, your cap.

Traditional swim caps wrinkle – and that means drag. But, the revolutionary seam-free TEKFIT® design of the Hammer Head Swim Cap eliminates the wrinkles, reducing your drag in the pool.

Wear the Hammer Head in practice or under your team cap in competition and be the best you can be.


Our HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® – patent pending technology that adds a honeycomb layer to the interior of the Hammer Head Swim Cap that is designed to absorb and dissipate shock from impacts at the wall, with other swimmers during busy practices or in crowded open water triathlon events.

Swimming is a contact sport. There has not been a solution, until now.

  • Approximately 70 percent of swimmer head injuries occur during busy swim practices
  • Roughly 30 percent of head injuries occur during busy swim meets
  • Of all injuries, 68 percent occur from swimmer’s colliding with each other, the bottom of the pool or the pool wall


  • HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® protection
  • TEKFIT® – evolved shape for a all around better fit
    • Longer design aimed to protect and cover the ears to prevent water flowing in and out
    • Wrinkle-free, comfortable compression fit
    • Premium silicone fabrication
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Justin Zook, Tom Malchow, Olympic athlete, Hammer Head Swim Cap