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Hammer Head Advisor, Richard Franklin, Chats with SwimSwam

Hammer Head Swim Caps is lucky enough to have accomplished business advisor, Richard Franklin, on our advisory board. Franklin is not only an accomplished business analyst to Fortune 100 companies and start-ups alike – he is also the father of Missy Franklin, an Olympic gold medalist! He knows first hand the importance of head protection […]

Study Shows Concussions Prevalent in Water Polo Athletes

In 2016, during a first-ever survey conducted by UCI, 36% of water polo players report getting concussions. UCI receive more than 1,500 surveys from USA water polo players, both men and women. These surveys asked questions about head injuries, concussions, and symptoms of concussions. Of these players, most of the reported head injuries came from […]

Swimmers Can Get Concussions – or Even CTE – from Hits to the Head

It was long thought that concussions were the cause of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy – or CTE. But, a new study from Boston University shows that hits to the head are the cause of CTE. “The concussion is really irrelevant for triggering CTE,” Dr. Lee Goldstein, an associate professor at Boston University School of Medicine and […]

Hammer Head Swim Caps – Swimming World Online Feature

Hammer Head Swim Cap and swimmer goggles

Swimming World Magazine is the most trusted source for swimming news, technique, and lifestyle.  Hammer Head Swim Caps co-founders – David and Theresa – recently had the chance to be featured in the online version of this iconic swim magazine. They talked about why they wanted to create this revolutionary cap, the tech behind the […]

Hammer Head Swim Caps Discuss Concussions in Swimming with Minneinno Magazine

Approximately 300,000 sports-related concussions are reported annually, and swimming is not exempt from this number. Miscounting and busy pools can lead to head injuries from the wall or by other swimmers. We sat down with Minneinno magazine online to talk about the prevalence of head injuries in swimming, and how Hammer Head Swim Caps came […]