It’s not a matter of if your swimmer will hit their head – it’s when

Whether you coach an individual swimmer, team or countless kids at swim schools, you’ll have seen this a hundred times or more. A swimmer’s goggles fog up, they’re blinded by the sun, they forget to count from the flags and before you know it they’ve hit the wall or others around them. For youngsters that means tears, and for any competitive swimmer it can ruin a race, lose an opportunity or still worse, end in injury.

Hammer Head Swim Caps provide coaches and their swimmers with two key benefits:

–  HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™ – the patent pending safety feature to protect swimmers from injuries at the wall and colliding with other swimmers at practice and in warm-ups.

– TEKFIT™ – an evolved swim cap design that eliminates cap wrinkles and drag in the water, allowing swimmers to compete a their best

Improved Safety

Cumulative bumps on the head are serious. They can lead to lifelong problems. The occasional bumping of two heads together in the pool, or the child who runs into the wall or hits the top of their head on a stair rail may seem minor but it’s not. When a child hits their head they begin to not want to swim the backstroke, butterfly or go in the water again and it diminishes their confidence for trying new things.

Hammer Head Swim Caps help to keep swimmers confident in the water so they can continue to enjoy and participate in their sport and develop an undeterred, lifelong love of swimming.

Enhanced Performance

If you’re coaching one swimmer or an entire team, we all know swimming is a sport of small measures. We tell swimmers to eat right, sleep well, train hard, shave body hair, wear competition suits that help to reduce drag and cut time in the pool. But, until now no-one has tackled the drag wrinkled swim caps create. Enter Hammer Head Swim Cap’s revolutionary design, eliminating wrinkles entirely to enhance performance for any swimmer.


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