Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Hammer Head Swim Cap different?
Hammer Head is the world’s first protective swim cap. It is the only major safety innovation in cap design in a century. Caps include patent pending HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™ protection: a layer of honeycomb chambers located on the inside top of the cap that cushions the swimmer’s head to absorb and dissipate the shock of impacts with pool walls and other swimmers. Hammer Head Caps also feature TEKFIT™ design, a revolutionary seam-free compression fit for total comfort that eliminates top of cap wrinkles that can cause drag in the pool. The cap also is a little longer on the sides, covering the swimmer’s ears to reduce the chance of swimmer’s ear infection from the constant in and out flow of water.

Do Hammer Head Caps look different?
No. They look like traditional, silicone swim caps but are a little longer in the side, covering the ears.

How does it protect from impacts and collisions?
A layer of honeycomb chambers – invisible from the exterior – absorb and dissipate the shock from impacts with the pool wall and other swimmers.

Is there anything like the Hammer Head Swim Cap anywhere else?
No. Hammer Head Swim Caps are a first of their kind attracting attention for clubs, coaches, athletes and parents of young swimmers across the country.

Where is the Hammer Head Swim Cap made?
Engineered, designed and manufactured in the USA!

How do I order caps for my team or school?
Use our online form click here or send us an email. Be sure to ask about volume discounts for teams, clubs and schools.

Can I customize the Hammer Head Swim Cap?
Yes. Hammer Head Swim Caps can be custom printed with your team logo in the same way as traditional silicone caps. Select customization at purchase and follow instructions (Coming Soon).

Is it approved for competition swimming and synchronized swimming?
Yes. Hammer Head Swim Caps meet all USA Swimming standards and certifications.

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