Hammer Head® Swim Cap In the News

Hammer Head Swim Cap Team, Theresa Finn, Tom Malchow, David Burns

If you’re reading this blog, you know Hammer Head® is on a mission to help improve swimmer safety and performance in the water. We’ve already had tremendous support and feedback from athletes, coaches, teams and swim organizations across the country. [Pre-Order]

Now word of the movement is beginning to spread. Check out this story by the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Joe Carlson. It’s a great read on how Hammer Head got started and why there’s a real need for what we’re doing.

Thanks Joe!

Read the article:

The Hammer Head® Swim Cap offers swimmers a collision cushion

A Minnesota company has developed a souped-up cap that offers competitive swimmers protection in a collision.

About two years ago the United States Soccer Federation imposed tight restrictions on young players “heading” soccer balls in competition and practice in response to concerns that players hitting the balls with their heads were at risk for concussions, which are especially damaging to young brains.

Competitive swimmers, meanwhile, continue regularly bashing their heads into cement walls and other swimmer’s skulls, with only the barest of protection.

Swimmers typically have only a couple millimeters’ buffer of latex or silicone between their heads and another solid surface. But while contact sports like soccer are taking steps to minimize the number of risky collisions, updated guidelines for swimming published by the governing body USA Swimming simply call for athletes to be closely monitored for signs of concussion when they hit their heads. [more]