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Hammer Head Swim Cap and swimmer goggles

Swimming World Magazine is the most trusted source for swimming news, technique, and lifestyle.  Hammer Head Swim Caps co-founders – David and Theresa – recently had the chance to be featured in the online version of this iconic swim magazine. They talked about why they wanted to create this revolutionary cap, the tech behind the cap, and why head protection is important in swimming. Read the article in its entirety and learn more about the history of Hammer Head Swim Caps.

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Hammer Head Swim Cap Released for Swimmer Safety

MINNEAPOLIS – Hammer Head® — a new U.S.- designed swim cap is set to keep head safety top of mind for hundreds of thousands of aquatic athletes, triathletes and open water swimmers across the country. The first major safety evolution in swim cap design in more than a century, the Hammer Head cap looks and feels like a standard issue silicone swim cap but incorporates both a new, patent pending safety technology and a comfortable, wrinkle-free fit for improved confidence.


Hammer Head features patent pending HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™ – a layer of honeycomb protection on the inside of the top of the cap designed to help absorb the shock of impact from collisions with pool walls and other swimmers in busy practice pools, meet warm-ups or in crowded open water swims. TEKFIT™ – Hammer Head’s design also brings two important features: an evolved fit, longer in the sides to cover swimmers’ ears and wrinkle-free construction to eliminate cap drag for improved confidence.

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