Concussion and head injury awareness from sports is at an all-time high. Today almost all sports require a protective helmet to try and reduce the effects of head injury. Swimming should be no exception. Join our movement. Make swimming safer – wear the Hammer Head™ Swim Cap. And spread the word about head safety in the pool.


More reasons to be aware of head injury in the pool

  • Insurance companies provide premium discounts for teams, clubs and schools who have active, concussion management plans in place
  • USA Swimming and many other swim organizations have dedicated a section on their websites to addressing their concussion management programs.
  • Medical community working to raise awareness for early stage diagnosis


  • Keep swimmers safer and more confident in the pool by reducing the risk of head injuries
  • Provide a functional and more comfortable fitting cap to swimmers
  • Deliver a performance cap that has no drag for the competitive swimmer
  • Give parents, coaches and athletes peace of mind
  • Raise awareness about head injury in the pool 

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