Our Story

Our Mission is Simple…

Make every aquatic athlete safer and more confident in the water.

  • Give swimmers of all skill levels a cap designed to minimize accidental injuries in the pool
  • Give racers a cap that is both comfortable and fast
  • Give parents a cap with greater value, built with strength and quality

Hammer Head Story

Like all great innovations, Hammer Head started with an ah-ha moment. In 2013, David Burns was coaching a swim team practice at a local country club pool with 40 kids in the pool when Madeline, his daughter, hit her head on the wall doing a backstroke finish. She started crying in pain. While David and his other coaches checked on her another, older swimmer hit her head even harder – and had to leave the pool with what turned out to be a minor concussion. Later David remarked, “what do I need to do to protect you – get you a helmet?” Madeline replied “PLEASE!” and the idea for the Hammer Head Swim Cap was born.

As if meant to be, co-founder Theresa and her husband Ken, swim club parents with experience in both product engineering and sports apparel brand marketing were sitting poolside. Everyone knew David was on to something.

Fast forward to today. David, a 20-year experienced swim coach and successful entrepreneur along with Theresa, a sports brand marketing and business development strategist are co-founders of Mako International, LLC. The company was created to design, manufacture and market Hammer Head Swim Caps in the United States and abroad. Together our mission is to reduce aquatic athlete head injuries one cap at a time.

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