Whether or not you’re a dedicated swim parent with years of poolside experience, it’s a little known fact that water sports are one of the top ten sports in the United States for hospital emergency room visits. Swimming is a contact sport. Aquatic athletes can – and do – hit their heads on the pool wall, learning backstroke or flip turns. Even more experienced swimmers can be at risk in busy practice pools and at swim meets where there can be 20+ swimmers in a single lane at one time.

  • Approximately 70 percent of swimmer head injuries occur during swim practices
  • Roughly 30 percent of head injuries occur during crowded warm up lanes at meets
  • Of all injuries, 68 percent occur from swimmer’s colliding with each other, the bottom of the pool or the pool wall

Where many sports now mandate protective head wear for young athletes, swimming has lagged behind for decades. Until now.


Improved Safety

Whether your swimmer is competing with a team or just learning to swim, safety is critical. Cumulative hits on the head are serious. They can lead to lifelong problems. The occasional bump of two heads together in the pool, or the child who runs into the wall or hits the top of their head on a stair rail may seem minor, but it is not. When a swimmer hits their head they begin to not want to swim the backstroke, butterfly or go in the water again and it diminishes their confidence for trying new things.

Hammer Head Swim Caps help to keep all swimmers more confident in the water so they can continue to enjoy and participate in their sport and develop an untried, lifelong love of swimming.

Enhanced Fit 

You want your swimmer to perform at their best, to follow their coaches advice to eat right, get plenty of sleep and train hard. You buy competition suits, to help them cut time, but until now no one has tackled the issue of safety + comfort + wrinkled swim caps that create drag and kill times. Enter the Hammer Head Swim Cap’s revolutionary design and construction, putting it in a class of its own.


  • HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® – proprietary layer absorbs shock of impacts
  • TEKFIT® – new, evolved fit for maximum comfort
  • Premium Silicone – made with a premium, buttery silicone that goes on and off with ease
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