Great news! ASCA, the world’s leading swim coach authority, just officially endorsed the Hammer Head® Swim Cap. Read all about it here in this excerpt from ASCA’s newsletter announcement to coaches around the country and the world …

ASCA Endorses Hammer Head® Swim Caps

Hammer Head® Swim Caps First to Provide Proprietary Head Protection for Swimmers

Here’s some ground breaking news for swimmers, coaches and athlete parents too – ASCA is proud to announce a new partnership with Hammer Head® Swim Caps. If you or your team haven’t had a chance to try one for yourself yet, this innovative new cap design is the only swim cap to provide athletes with head protection when collisions occur in the water.

Our partnership and official endorsement of Hammer Head Swim Caps comes as the sport of swimming and others around the world are turning more attention to head protection solutions for athletes. Findings show that athletes from football to hockey, lacrosse and beyond, can experience serious health issues later in life caused by the results of cumulative bumps and knocks to the head during their careers.

A Revolutionary Swim Cap Breakthrough

  • HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® – proprietary layer absorbs shock of impacts
  • TEKFIT – new, evolved fit for maximum comfort
  • Premium Silicone – made with a premium, buttery silicone that goes on and off with ease.

Why Hammer Head Swim Caps?

  • Protects when collisions occur in the water
  • Wrinkle free means no drag
  • Our cap is made with a premium, buttery silicone that goes on and off with ease
  • Keeps head warmer in cold open water swims
  • Protects ears from water flow
  • The most comfortable cap you’ll ever wear

“Once in a great while a ground-breaking new product comes along that is such an intuitive and obvious benefit to athletes that it’s impossible to say it’s anything other than a real winner. That’s definitely the case with the Hammer Head® Swim Cap. Each cap provides protection for any athlete who wears it, making swimmers more confident, which helps them to perform better and have more fun.”

John Leonard, Executive Director, ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association).

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