Swimmers Can Get Concussions – or Even CTE – from Hits to the Head

It was long thought that concussions were the cause of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy – or CTE. But, a new study from Boston University shows that hits to the head are the cause of CTE.

“The concussion is really irrelevant for triggering CTE,” Dr. Lee Goldstein, an associate professor at Boston University School of Medicine and College of Engineering, and a corresponding author of the study, told The Washington Post. “It’s really the hit that counts.”

In this study, researched examined brains of 4 teenage athletes who received head injuries between 1 and 128 days before death. One of the athletes sustained three sports-related concussions over 26 days – including one the day before death.

After analyzing their brains – they showed a range of post-traumatic pathology. Including one case of early age CTE, and two with signs of potential CTE.

The results of this study reveal the long term effects of head injuries, and just how important head protection is in all sports. Purchase your Hammer Head Swim Cap® here and protect yourself or your swimmer from dangerous – and potentially deadly – head injuries.

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