“Swimming is a huge part of my life and I am putting my name behind Hammer Head because I believe in it. I have two young daughters that both swim, and I want to keep them safe.” 

– Tom Malchow, Three Time Olympian, USA

Throughout my time swimming and coaching, I’ve seen far too many incidents of swimmers getting hurt and I have personally known girls who have got concussions from being kicked in the head because it is such a contact sport. The Hammer Head Swim Cap would be awesome for girls to wear during practices as an added measure of safety.

– Laurel Streed, Coach, Wayzata High School Synchronized Swim Team

I think Hammer Head Swim Caps would be especially beneficial for children during the outdoor season. Due to the sun children like to close their eyes when swimming backstroke and will, more often than not, hit their heads on the wall when they are trying to finish. The Hammer Head Swim Cap will do wonders in the swimming world and will help ensure the safety of athletes at all levels.

– Adam Gannon, University of South Dakota

My injury from an accidental kick to the head while swimming completely changed my life, forcing me to retire my Olympic goals and take almost a year off of high school. If new swim caps can be widely available that are both functional and protective, it could be a game changer in preventing concussions for aquatic athletes.

– Sarah Urke, Wayzata High School Synchronized Swim Team, Olympic Training Athlete

I have had many years in the swimming world and have witnessed many injuries where swimmers, even at the college level, have ran into the wall or collided with other swimmers and received concussions. The Hammer Head Swim Cap would be an easy and efficient way of preventing these type of injuries and providing swimmers with an extra measure of safety.

– Adam Gannon, University of South Dakota

Brooke hit her head during the prelims of the 8 & under backstroke at the Champs meet three years ago. It was such a strong impact that I could hear the gasps of other spectators. She didn’t swim the backstroke again in a meet for two years and she still is apprehensive to swim that stroke. If Brooke had been wearing some type of protective cap, I’m confident that the impact of hitting the pool wall wouldn’t have affected her as it did.         

– Angie Lubenow, Parent of USA Swimmer

“I initially became interested in the Hammer Head swim caps due to my three daughters who are on a competitive swim team. They dreaded the backstroke in practice as all of them have hit their heads on numerous occasions. As I learned more about Hammer Head and received a sample, I realized how important it can be for triathlons. Not only is it crucial for safety in the water during a mass start but I can feel the hydrodynamic design and tight fit. As a result, I feel faster and more confident in the water. What a great product!”

– Greg Dummer, Triathlete & Team USA Ambassador

“As a older male who has less than a full head of hair, the traditional swim cap has been merely a requirement of races or a way to be seen by other while in open water.  The Hammer Head has changed my view of just what a swim cap can be.  The impact protection provided by the honeycomb section was just the start for me.  I now swim every stroke with my Hammer Head Cap.  It provides me with a smooth streamline surface on my head so know that when I am pushing those hard sets, nothing is slowing me down. The cap sits on my head perfectly and never moves, I can not say the same for other swim caps which I have had come off mid-race or mid-set.  I have to say my new favorite feature is the warmth retention the cap offers.  Neoprene caps have never been a comfortable option for cold water swimming. They are clunky and never fit right.  Now, my head stays comfortable at all times, never too hot or too cold.  What can I say, I am a fan of the Hammer Head.”

– Kris Swarthout, Triathlete

Since our website went live in April 2017, we have received hundreds of stories from parents, coaches and athletes. These testimonials have come from the US, Canada and Europe with compelling stories which continue to inspire us and keep focused on our mission. Here are a few of the highlights:

My daughter has suffered 2 concussions already because of running into other kids while swimming so I am very interested in getting her something to protect her head.

– Karen

My daughter has just suffered a concussion from a head to head collision during practice and I would be anxious to get her, and her younger brother, these caps.

– Angela

My daughter swims for the YMCA in Minnesota looking to see if this is something we should offer the kids on the swim team.

– Marie

I just heard about your product on a Twin Cities TV station (insert link to WCCO story). My granddaughter Savannah is an avid swimmer and competitor. I want to surprise her by purchasing one of your unique caps for her sixteenth birthday.

– Dr. Janet

My 15-year-old daughter suffered a serious concussion fall at high school swim practice (other swimmer hit her) and it took her 6-7 months of rehab to recover. I think this cap is a fantastic idea and anything that will give her the confidence to get back in the pool to do what she loves is wonderful!!!

– Heather

Love this new technology for my 8-year-old backstroker!!! Thank you!

– Dayna

My daughter will be the first from our club to try your product, but there may be many others who follow suit. If it works, I myself have 4 swimmers and all 4 will be wearing them.

– Jennya

My 4-year-old had a serious fall and has a traumatic brain injury. I would love to get one of these, so she can resume learning how to swim and I don’t have to be fearful of her hitting her head in the pool. Thank you!

– Melissa

Recently suffered from a concussion and ex strain from colliding heads with another swimmer. Interested in ordering one of your concussion prevention caps.

– Isabella

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Tom Malchow, Swim Parent and Three Time Olympian, USA with a Hammer Head® Swim Cap

Tom Malchow, Swim Parent and
Three Time Olympian, USA