Every triathlete knows it. In the opening rush of any open water swim there are arms and legs everywhere. The risk of being kicked in the head or colliding with other swimmers is exponentially higher than in any other competitive swim situation.

That’s why we invented the Hammer Head® Swim Cap. The only cap engineered for improved head safety in the water.

Hammer Head® caps look and feel like traditional silicone swim caps, but feature patent pending HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® – a layer of honeycomb material on the inside of the cap that helps absorb and dissipate the shock of impact with other swimmers. All Hammer Head® caps also feature TEKFIT® – an evolved, hydrodynamic and comfortable fit that eliminates top of cap wrinkles that can cause drag in the water.

“I initially became interested in the Hammer Head swim caps due to my three daughters who are on a competitive swim team. They dreaded the backstroke in practice as all of them have hit their heads on numerous occasions. As I learned more about Hammer Head and received a sample, I realized how important it can be for triathlons. Not only is it crucial for safety in the water during a mass start but I can feel the hydrodynamic design and tight fit. As a result, I feel faster and more confident in the water. What a great product!”

– Greg Dummer, Triathlete

“As a older male who has less than a full head of hair, the traditional swim cap has been merely a requirement of races or a way to be seen by other while in open water.  The Hammer Head has changed my view of just what a swim cap can be.  The impact protection provided by the honeycomb section was just the start for me.  I now swim every stroke with my Hammer Head Cap.  It provides me with a smooth streamline surface on my head so know that when I am pushing those hard sets, nothing is slowing me down. The cap sits on my head perfectly and never moves, I can not say the same for other swim caps which I have had come off mid-race or mid-set.  I have to say my new favorite feature is the warmth retention the cap offers.  Neoprene caps have never been a comfortable option for cold water swimming. They are clunky and never fit right.  Now, my head stays comfortable at all times, never too hot or too cold.  What can I say, I am a fan of the Hammer Head.”

– Kris Swarthout, Triathlete

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Hammer Head for Triathletes:

  • Patent pending HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology®
  • TEKFIT® – evolved fit to reduce drag in the water
  • Sits lower over the ears to help reduce in and out flow of water
  •  Helps keep the head warmer in colder water
  • Wear under your competition or team cap for wrinkle free, compression fit
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