Every triathlete knows it. In the opening rush of any open water swim there are arms and legs everywhere. The risk of being kicked in the head or colliding with other swimmers is exponentially higher than in any other competitive swim situation.

That’s why we invented the Hammer Head® Swim Cap. The only cap engineered for improved head safety in the water.

Hammer Head® caps look and feel like traditional silicone swim caps, but feature patented HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® – a layer of honeycomb material on the inside of the cap that helps absorb and dissipate the shock of impact with other swimmers. All Hammer Head® caps also feature TEKFIT® – an evolved, hydrodynamic and comfortable fit that eliminates top of cap wrinkles that can cause drag in the water.

A Revolutionary Swim Cap Breakthrough

    • HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® – proprietary and discrete layer absorbs shock of impacts
    • TEKFIT – new, evolved fit for maximum comfort
  • Premium Silicone – made with a premium, buttery silicone that goes on and off with ease

Why Hammer Head?

    • Protects when collisions occur in the water
    • Wrinkle free means no drag
    • Insulating properties keeps your head warmer in cold open water swims
    • Protects ears from in and out water flow
  • The most comfortable cap you’ll ever wear
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