Watch Your Head: Tips to Protect Your Head While Swimming

swimmer, butterfly stroke

It is generally acknowledged that swimming is one of the safest sports around– or so it would seem. For the most part, there is little or no contact, and little or no chance of getting hurt if you are a good swimmer and follow the rules around the pool area. However, depending on the circumstances, swimming can be a contact sport, and there are very real situations where you could sustain a head injury in or out of the pool.

One of the most frequent injuries seasoned swimmers sustain is a concussion. These injuries run the range from minor to severe. They occur from slips on the pool deck, colliding with the pool wall, diving accidents and colliding with or getting hit by other swimmers. Swimmers who participate in synchronized swimming are highly likely to sustain a concussion at some point, by an accidental blow. This is due to their close proximity to one another while executing complicated moves.

Concussion Prevention Around the Pool

Certainly, accidents will happen; however, many of those that happen while swimming are preventable. Here are a few tips to lower your risk of sustaining a head injury:

  • If you are an inexperienced swimmer, wear a lifejacket and never swim alone.
  • Make sure the swim area is properly supervised. Lifeguards should be on duty and be focused on the swimmers under their supervision.
  • Allow sufficient space between yourself and other swimmers
  • When swimming laps and sharing a lane, agree on how the lane will be shared. Swimmers have collided when one swimmer was not aware of proper lane-sharing protocol.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, pool depth, slippery decks, etc.
  • When doing the backstroke, be aware of the wall you are headed toward.
  • Alcohol and swimming do not mix.

Take Care of Your Head

There is plenty of information available on how to treat a concussion sustained while swimming, but not a lot of information on how to protect your head from injury.

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