No doubt about it. Water Polo is a contact sport. As a competitor and an athlete, your headwear will protect your ears in the water, but what about collisions to the head?

Accidents and injuries do occur. And a concussion or other head injury can keep you not just out of the game, but out of the pool, for the season in some cases. Hammer Head® Swim Caps are here to change that. Our proprietary safety technology helps to keep you and you and your teammates safer in the water, improving your confidence and helping you compete at the highest level.

A Revolutionary Swim Cap Breakthrough

  • HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® – proprietary layer absorbs shock of impacts
  • TEKFIT – new, evolved fit for maximum comfort
  • Premium Silicone – made with a premium, buttery silicone that goes on and off with ease

Why Hammer Head?

  • Protects when collisions occur in the water and when heading the ball
  • Can be worn under water polo caps
  • Protects ears from in and out water flow
  • The most comfortable cap you’ll ever wear
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