The World’s Only Protective Swim Cap

Hammer Head® Swim Cap Features

Performance? Safety? We’ve Got You Covered.

  • HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™ – patented for safety and protection
  • TEKFIT™ – seamless, wrinkle free design for enhanced performance and fit
  • Premium Silicone

Few people in the United States know swimming can be a dangerous sport. Hammer Head Swim Cap is on a mission to raise awareness about head injury in the water – and provide a unique patent-pending solution to minimize the risks of injury.

What began out of empathy has become a movement to stop head injuries. Designed by a swim coach and a swim parent who had both seen too many children hit their heads on the wall or collide with other swimmers. Together with engineers they created the Hammer Head Swim Cap, the world’s only protective swim cap designed to greatly enhance athlete performance and keep swimmers safe in the water.

Why Hammer Head® Swim Caps?

We take our name from the Hammerhead shark. Incredibly strong, fast and confident – our goal for all aquatic athletes when they wear the Hammer Head Swim Cap. Like this uniquely shaped shark, swimmers don’t have eyes on the top of their head but Hammer Head Swim Caps’ patent-pending HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™ help to protect them.

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Hammer Head Swim Caps


We’ve Got You Covered

Keep Head Safety Top of Mind

Water Sports including swimming account for 30 percent more hospital ER visits than hockey, lacrosse and rugby combined. In fact, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons ( names water sports as one of the top ten sports for head injuries. Somehow swim caps have not evolved to protect swimmers. Until now.

Peace of Mind for Swimmers, Coaches, Parents

Inside of Hammer Head Swim Cap, Protective swim cap, HIT Technology, Honeycomb Impact Technology

HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™ Protection

The Hammer Head is the only cap that features patent pending HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™  – a honeycomb layer inside the cap that helps to protect the head from impact with the wall and other swimmers.

Hammer Head caps fit

TEKFIT™ Designed to Fit the True Shape of Heads

Hammer Head is designed with the shape of our heads in mind, slightly larger in the back than in the front. It is also cut longer on the sides to protect the ears from the constant in and out flow of water that may lead to swimmer’s ear.

Hammer Head cap performance

TEKFIT™ Performance Design

Hammer Head’s revolutionary seam-free compression fit for total comfort eliminates top of cap wrinkles that cause drag in the pool. Hammer Head Swim Caps’ hydrodynamic fit is the ultimate in high performance swimming.

Concussion and head injury awareness from sports is at an all-time high. Today almost all sports require a protective helmet to try and reduce the effects of head injury. Swimming should be no exception. Join our movement. Make swimming safer – wear the Hammer Head Swim Cap. And spread the word about head safety in the pool.

More reasons to be aware of head injury in the pool

  • Insurance companies provide premium discounts for teams, clubs and schools who have active, concussion management plans in place
  • USA Swimming and many other swim organizations have dedicated a section on their websites to addressing their concussion management programs.
  • Medical community working to raise awareness for early stage diagnosis


Make every swimmer safer, faster and more confident in the water

What that means:

  • Keep swimmers safer by reducing the risk of head injuries in the water
  • Improve performance by introducing a cap with zero wrinkles and reduced drag
  • Give parents, coaches and athletes peace of mind
  • Raise awareness about head injury in the pool

You won’t see the difference, but you’ll feel it.

Hammer Head: Created for You, Your Team, Your Club

  • Swim instruction schools
  • Swim club teams
  • High school teams
  • Country Club teams
  • Synchronized swim teams
  • Recreational swimmers
  • Triathletes
  • Open water swimmers
  • Water polo
  • All water sports